Product DescriptionMouse monoclonal antibody to IE1 of Cytomegalovirus. This antibody originates from ascites fluids and is purified by protein G agarose affinity chromatography.
Catalog No.P1203
Unit Size500 µg
Species/Class Mouse IgG2a(k)
Protein Concentration1 mg/ml (A280)
BufferPhosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) pH 7.4
Purity Protein G agarose affinity chromatography
Functional ActivityReactive with IE1 of Cytomegalovirus in immunofluorescence (IFA) and western blot assays at 10 µg/ml.
Shipping & StorageThis product is supplied frozen on dry ice. Upon receipt, store at -20°C. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles as product degradation may result.

Dondero, D. V. & Pereira, L. (1990). Monoclonal antibody production. In Diagnostic Procedures for Viral, Rickettsial and Chiamydial Infections, pp. 101-124. Edited by R. Emmons & N. Schmidt. Washington, D.C.: American Public Health Association.

Navarro, D., Paz, P., Tugizov, S., Topp, K., LaVail, J. & Pereira, L. (1993). Glycoprotein B of human cytomegalovirus promotes virion penetration into cells, the transmission of infection from cell to cell, and fusion of infected cells. Virology 197, 143-158.

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