Virusys Corporation’s HHV-6A & 6B qPCR 20x probe mixes are reliable probes for measuring relative amounts or total copy numbers of HHV-6A or HHV-6B by quantitative PCR.  The probes consist of forward and reverse primers combined with a FAM/BHQ-labeled probe which bind within the Immediate-Early region of the genome. These probes can bind specifically with their particular variant  A or B) due to splicing differences in the IE region. Each dual-labeled probe mix is at 20x concentration and may be used with standard real-time PCR reagents.


For absolute copy number calculations, two tubes of standards are also included containing the target sequences for probes HHV6A or HHV6B at 1012 copies per ml. These standards produce linear results at dilutions of 108 to 102 copies per reaction.


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